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About The Good Life

About Us


 Welcome to the Good Life!

We are the "Good Time Team" whether we are creating a good time or enjoying the good life, we love our jobs!   These sites, Nebraska The Good Life and I Travel Byways were created because we like to  travel and have a good time, and we want you to have a good time traveling too.  Around the country  or around the block, it really doesn't matter...
  ...There is an adventure out there everywhere you go

Meet Linda Tynon, she travels about in this funny old motor home, having a good time meeting people and "discovering" new towns and villages

Here's  Sterling Stoudenmire conducting a " board meeting"  at the beach.

Meet Becky Hohnstein, Photographer

She is hanging out in the Nebraska Panhandle, taking pictures and enjoying each new adventure.  You will see her photographs throughout this  site, on display at the Governors Mansion (Winter 08) and at local stores and galleries. Oh yea, some of her famous wine glasses of Chimney Rock are also on sale.

She recently "discovered"  Kimball, Nebraska and came back with great stories about the people who live and work there, and great photos too, so now you know what to do when you visit Kimball.  Thanks Becky.  Love your photos.

Email  Becky:  Becky@NebraskaTheGoodLife.com


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