Loup Rivers

   • Alda
   • Burwell
   • North Loup
       Loup City
   • St. Paul
   • Wood River

Sandhills Journey

   • Alliance
    • Ansley
   • Broken Bow
   • Grand Island
   • Halsey & Halsey
     National Forest
    • Hazard
   • Mason City
   • Merna
   • Ravenna

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Nebraska's Junk Jaunt ®


In the heart of Nebraska,  two awesome highways converge into a beautiful loop. 
The Loup Rivers
(Hwy 11 & 91) and the Sandhills  Journey (Hwy 2)

                  FUN and TREASURES

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A 250 mile perpetual yard sale sponsored by two of Nebraska's Scenic Byways

"Soup to

Antiques · Art · crafts · Collectibles · Ethnic Food · Cowboy Tack
Auto Salvage Yards · Old Farm Machinery

A By-way that makes a Junker's heart go Loup-2-Loup

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Always the last full weekend in September

"Shop till you drop"

 enjoy the scenery along the way




We have joined with Junk Jaunt ®
to bring you more information about these byways.


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